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About Us 

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About Us



ERAIFT is a leading pan-African post-graduate university, developing the future leaders of conservation.

It operates under the auspices of UNESCO and with funding from the EU and support from the Kingdom of Belgium, JICA (Japan), FAO, US Forest Service (USAID), GIZ (Germany), among other partners.

Since 2000, ERAIFT has trained 445 professionals coming from 24 African countries in forest management and land use planning.

The faculty come from various academic and research institutions incl. the University of Paris East - Marne la Vallée (France), the University of Liège (Belgium), National University of Benin, the University of Dschang (Cameroon), among others. 









RADDI, the association of ERAIFT Alumni Student, offers to former and current students the opportunity to build and maintain lifelong connections.

RADDI promotes knowledge sharing, creates learning- and volunteering opportunities, and connects its members to job opportunities.



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People Olive Development

is a Brussels Belgium -based training and human resources company, specializing in delivering custom talent strategies and programs and developing HR transformation projects.

It created Impact Job Days in 2022 with the purpose of enabling sustainability-driven organizations and businesses win in the highly competitive global talent market. 

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Our Strategy

Helping organizations and businesses achieve their goals in workforce development. 

In a constantly changing environment, continuous learning is proving to be a sure solution for advancing skills and maintaining the employability of teams in organizations and companies.

Consequently, an increasing number of organizations and companies are resorting to partnerships with universities offering a Professional Development Service.

Indeed, this Service is made up of recruitment and training experts who take into consideration the learning objectives and the improvement of the performance of organizations and companies in order to give them access to quality training adapted to their needs. 

Do you have a learning & development project: let's discuss.

The Professional Development Department team can also support organizations and businesses with their various recruitment needs.

• Post a job offer
• Hire a student or graduate
• Recruit an intern
• Participate in a career activity
• Consult a bank of candidates


Our Values



We have built a people-first organizational culture promoting respect, diversity, inclusion, integrity, and accountability. We take a stand on pressing socio-political issues and support our partners' causes. 



We are continuously trying new things. We do not stop learning and improving everything we do, aiming for the best quality and delivering the highest value for our partners. We do not overpromise and underdeliver. 



ERAIFT's uniqueness lies in intersectoral, interdisciplinary, participatory, global, and integrated approach. This approach is applied systematically in its pedagogical work, its special projects such as the Impact Job Days, and many other areas.

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