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Impact Job Days are a unique opportunity to meet organizations and companies investing in the preservation of the planet. 

Do not miss the chance to meet recruiters interested in hiring for internships, projects, and full-time positions in the corporate world and not-for-profit sector. 

The program also delivers trainers, coaches, and experts who will offer stories, strategies, demos, and advices for your success in your professional development. 

Register here. It's free.

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Why joining

Meet Recruiters

Meet recruiters, show your interest, submit your application for jobs currently vacant, upcoming job opportunities, available projects, or internship positions.

Learn about Top Skills

With the help of a 1st class industry trainer, you will discover today’s most demanded skills, how to learn them, how to use them, and how to develop them in order to remain a valuable talent in the job market.

Get Future Jobs

Attend information sessions about sectors currently hiring and new roles emerging at the intersection of different specialties or tackling new challenges.

Make Successful Interviews 

With guidance from a seasoned corporate executive, you will learn about the secrets and tactics about how to make the best impression at job interviews.

Get a Killer CV

Join an expert-run, dynamic workshop where you will get true insights and tips enabling you to write a perfect resume.

Master Great Tools

Through a demo conducted by a technology expert, you will learn how to strategically use Linkedin and other great tools in your search for a new opportunity that will boost your career.

How to Make it a Success 

How to get the maximum benefits from the career fair?

Your registration will give you access to free resources enabling you to best prepare, build confidence, and start seizing job- and internship opportunities. 

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