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We partner with employers and sponsors to integrate them into the event in a way that enhance participants’ experience and advances employers' and sponsors' goals.


We deliver on various goals, including thought leadership, generating interest via media (digital, social), matching with top talents, branding, content generation, or other objectives.

Why partnering with us? 

How can you make the most out of this opportunity

Career fairs can be a disappointment if you come without the right preparation. This is why, once you are registered with a Diamond Support, you receive serious support and resources from our employer branding specialists. We want you to get a sure return on your investment. 

What employers say about career fairs

“I love career fairs. The energy of students and their passion in talking about what they love—I look for that passion at the career fairs. I come mostly for creating connections."

M.P., Sr. Manager of Talent Acquisition et Capital One

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