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KINSHASA 8-9/06/23

1 Exhibition

2 Keynotes

1 Masterclass

1 Mega Masterclass

2 Panel Discussions

1 Presentation

4 Workshops 

KISANGANI 12/06/23

1 Exhibition

1 Keynote

4 Film Screenings

2 Ideathons

1 Mega Masterclass

3 Panel Discussions

5 Presentations

2 Workshops



We will be doing two ideathons in Kisangani.

What's an ideathon?

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Inspiration, creativity, results

It is an intensive brainstorming event where participants from different backgrounds, skills, and interests converge to diagnose predefined problems, identify the best opportunities and ideate the most viable solution.

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What's in it for companies

Companies globally attest to the fact that innovation is the cornerstone of growth.


Therefore, we will have a company that use this ideathon platform as a sure way to get new ideas, fresh perspectives, and innovate at speed a business problem/product/service.

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What's in it for participants

  • The two ideathons provide a unique opportunity for participants to showcase their skills – problem solving, teamwork, critical thinking, entrepreneurship, adaptability, storytelling, you name-it.


  • This is a great way to get shortlisted for jobs and internships.


  • Candidates with the best ideas will receive great prizes and memorable gifts.   

How it works

Participants work in teams, present multiple ideas and solutions, subsequently working toward the most suitable of the lot. An ideathon provides opportunities to learn, collaborate, innovate and change.


An ideathon may produce just ideas, a solution, a roadmap or an actionable plan.

Ideate and exchange

Collaborate, submit, vote

Get recognized and rewarded

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